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Augustine "Tino" Melecio


In the jobbing world of today, Wessex’s quality and price point makes owning a full array of trumpets not only possible, but profitable.

Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps

Various Instruments

For their price Wessex is unmatched in their quality and perfect for student use

Colin Aspinall


I am currently playing on the Wessex EEb Bass TE560-SG. I must say I am finding it a treat to play

Damian Boyd


My Wessex PB4501 plays really sweetly and easily in the upper register. It has a great tone and plays in tune across all registers

David Trastoy

Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

They are incredible instruments, they have good sound, good tuning and are easy and versatile to play. All this at a great price.

Hugo Araujo


The first sensation I had when playing the first note was a sense of freedom

Harold Hernandez

Ophicleide, Cimbasso, Tuba

I find wonderful instruments at very reasonable prices

Jonathan Dorn


I absolutely endorse the Chicago Presence, and all Wessex Tubas!

Ken Van Hoylandt


The ‘Wyvern’ sounds so gigantic and powerful, but still plays so easily!

Kevin Madden

Tuba & Euphonium

Wessex offers outstanding consistency and quality products at an unbeatable price

Paul Maybery

Tuba, Cimbasso

Wessex goes beyond simply producing clones, to developing an entire line of original, professional instruments; something truly pioneering in spirit...

Victor Gomez


The Chicago Presence has a beautifully balanced blend of weight and color in the sound; with the response of an instrument half its size