Wessex Professional Artists

Photo of Andrey Antonenko

Andrey Antonenko: Tuba

After long and tantalizing search, I have ultimately found the instrument which is 1000% suitable and reliable for me View profile >

Photo of Beth Mitchell

Beth Mitchell: Cimbasso

Wessex has created a wonderful, affordable solution to the growing need of cimbassos in orchestras and film View profile >

Photo of Deivid Wilson Peleje

Deivid Wilson Peleje: Tuba

Instruments that provide great sound and great safety when playing View profile >

Photo of Domenico Zizzi

Domenico Zizzi: Tuba & Cimbasso

I like the response and tone of the Wessex Cimbasso View profile >

Photo of Dr. Blake Cooper

Dr. Blake Cooper: Cimbasso

I love it, my section mates love it. I highly recommend this Cimbasso View profile >

Photo of Fabio Abrantes

Fabio Abrantes: Tuba

It facilitates me to express my feelings and a fluent musicality. View profile >

Photo of Giorgos (Theodoros) Rarakos

Giorgos (Theodoros) Rarakos: Tuba

Very easy to play with excellent response View profile >

Photo of Howard Miyata

Howard Miyata: Trombone & Tuba

View profile >

Photo of Igor Martinez

Igor Martinez: Tuba

I honestly can't find any other word to describe it than ‘perfect’ because, for me, this IS the perfect Tuba to play View profile >

Photo of Jörgen Ådvall

Jörgen Ådvall: Tuba

When I first got the opportunity to try the Prokofiev I realised that this tuba really is the tuba for me View profile >

Photo of Luís Martelo

Luís Martelo: Trumpet

View profile >

Photo of Marc Placencia

Marc Placencia: Gnagey (Tuba)

My Wessex Gnagey Eb is the easiest instrument I have ever played. It completely unleashes my creative potential when performing View profile >

Photo of Phillips Thor

Phillips Thor: Euphonium

Making music with a Wessex Euphonium is to transport yourself to a universe of colorful sounds View profile >

Photo of The Five Lake Silver Band

The Five Lake Silver Band: Tuba

View profile >

Photo of Tony Clements

Tony Clements: Tuba

View profile >

Photo of Will Druiett

Will Druiett: Tuba

The 'Kaiser' is a fantastic instrument and an absolute joy to play. View profile >

Wessex Ambassadors

Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps: Various Instruments

For their price Wessex is unmatched in their quality and perfect for student use View profile >

Augustine "Tino" Melecio: Trumpet

In the jobbing world of today, Wessex’s quality and price point makes owning a full array of trumpets not only possible, but profitable. View profile >

Colin Aspinall: Tuba

I am currently playing on the Wessex EEb Bass TE560-SG. I must say I am finding it a treat to play View profile >

Damian Boyd: Trombone

My Wessex PB4501 plays really sweetly and easily in the upper register. It has a great tone and plays in tune across all registers View profile >

David Trastoy: Trombone, Euphonium, Tuba

They are incredible instruments, they have good sound, good tuning and are easy and versatile to play. All this at a great price. View profile >

Hugo Araujo: Trumpet

The first sensation I had when playing the first note was a sense of freedom View profile >

Jonathan Dorn: Tuba

I absolutely endorse the Chicago Presence, and all Wessex Tubas! View profile >

Ken Van Hoylandt: Tuba

The ‘Wyvern’ sounds so gigantic and powerful, but still plays so easily! View profile >

Kevin Madden: Tuba & Euphonium

Wessex offers outstanding consistency and quality products at an unbeatable price View profile >

Ph.D. Harold Hernández Lozano: Ophicleide, Cimbasso, Tuba

I find wonderful instruments at very reasonable prices View profile >

Victor Gomez: Tuba

The Chicago Presence has a beautifully balanced blend of weight and color in the sound; with the response of an instrument half its size View profile >