Brasilian brass artiste Deivid Wilson Peleje began his musical journey in 2000, in the picturesque city of Itapevi, Sao Paulo, under the guidance of José Luiz Ricci and Reinaldo José Camargo.

Since 2006, Peleje has enjoyed an illustrious career performing as Tubista in bands and orchestras such as;

  • the Young Symphonic Band of the State of Sao Paulo
  • FAMES Symphonic Band
  • Symphonic Orchestra of Heliopolis (2008 – 2016)
  • Campinas Symphony Orchestra

And has played alongside some of the world’s most established and renowned musicians like James Gourlay, Malte Burba, David Kuts, Freed Mills, Monica Giardini, Marcos Sadáo Shirakawa, Pablo Dell Oca Sala; also taking part in several episodes of the Apprentice Master Series.

A tubist of the Brass Quintet Capixaba, Peleje is also currently Tubista Solo in the Espirito Santo Symphony Orchestra, under the Regiment of Helder Trefzger and Leonardo David.


“My favourite Wessex instruments are the CC 5/4 Tube ‘Wyvern Piston’ – TC590 and the F Tuba ‘Berg’ – TF435.

“Instruments that provide great sound and safety when playing; flexible so that they can be played in great Orchestras, smaller groups like Brass Quintets and also as Solo.”

Live Performances