Student Brass FAQs

Should I play tuba or euphonium?

That really depends on a number of considerations, such as personal preference! The tuba plays the lower range, whilst euphoniums have a higher range - instead of thinking about tuba or euphonium as tuba versus euphonium (vs), consider things like: - What kind of music do I most enjoy playing/listening to

Is the tuba easy to learn?

Like all musical instruments, the tuba takes time, practice, patience and dedication to learn; for some, the tuba will feel like an extension of your creativity from your very first lesson, whereas for others, mastering the tuba will take a little more effort - but any challenges you may face on your journey to learning the tuba will be quickly outweighed by the enjoyment you’ll inevitably experience. When choosing your first tuba, look for a model that’s relatively small, lightweight and easy blowing

How can I increase my tuba lung capacity?

The most effective way to increase your tuba lung capacity is by dedicating a small amount of time each day to focusing on ‘deep breathing’; consciously taking long, deep breaths in and out. This will help increase your lung capacity.