The Five Lake Silver Band

Wessex Professional Artist

The Five Lake Silver Band: Tuba

The Five Lake Silver Band's bass section are delighted to be named as Wessex Section Artists.

In addition, the band is officially naming the tuba quartet the Wessex Basses of the Lakes.

The bass section has a very diverse musical background ranging from orchestra, brass quintet and wind band.

Like most American brass bands, they had a very common problem: not everyone in the section owned a tuba in the proper brass band key; and those who did have the right horn had drastically different models and set-ups.

Their goal was to build the ultimate American Brass Band tuba section. They wanted to stay true to the British band tradition of BBb and Eb tubas but with a decidedly American sound and set-up, and therefore reached out to Wessex Tubas.

The band’s choice of instruments were the BBb 6/4 Tuba With 5-Valves 'Prokofiev' TB693 HP and Eb Front Piston Tuba ‘Gnagey’ TE465 P for their massive breadth of sound and clarity.


"Our choice of instruments were the BBb 6/4 Tuba With 5-Valves 'Prokofiev' TB693 HP and Eb Front Piston Tuba ‘Gnagey’ TE465 P for their massive breadth of sound and clarity."


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