Particularly when you’re a student or in a brass band at high school, it’s incredibly important to choose a brass instrument that’s easy, comfortable and enjoyable to play. So, here, we’ll go through the best high school band brass instruments we have to offer.

High school band brass instruments

Eb Tuba Junior ‘Elf’ (Student) TE333

One of our most popular student tubas, the Eb Tuba Junior ‘Elf’ is probably the best student Eb tuba available at any price!

The 'Elf' blows exceedingly well with tone and intonation to please even a professional.

Designed specifically to cater for the smaller/younger player, the mouthpipe has been positioned lower and is supplied with Wessex Tubas’ unique JT small tuba mouthpiece to fit smaller faces.

BBb Junior Tuba ‘Imp’ (Student) TB330

The BBb Junior Tuba ‘Imp’ (Student) TB330 is the ideal student Tuba for students taking music lessons; a particularly light Tuba for standing and marching gigs, this 3-valve ¾ size BBb Tuba is an affordable, exceptional quality tuba.

Eb Tenor/Alto Horn (Student) AH13

The Eb Tenor/Alto Horn is an ideal instrument for schools, bands and individual students to start learning the Eb Tenor/Alto Horn.

Designed with a 7.5" (193mm) bell and 0.48" (12.4mm) bore, special features include cupronickel piston valves.

Bb Trumpet (Student) R30

This popular student Bb Trumpet not only looks stunning but plays exceptionally well for a beginner trumpet; the intonation and sound quality considered high enough to satisfy even the most discerning of brass musicians.

Sold complete with a case, this exceptional beginner trumpet also represents great value for money; sure to become the most beloved brass instrument in any budding musician’s collection.

Bb Cornet (Student) CR90

An inexpensive Bb cornet, our Bb Cornet (Student) CR90 has an impressive singing tone that needs to be heard.

With a 0.452" (11.5mm) bore and 4.9" (125mm) bell, the CR90 is an ideal brass instrument for both beginners and brass band enthusiasts.

For anyone in a training brass band, it’s important to find a brass instrument with great response and intonation; an instrument that’s as easy and enjoyable to play as it is to listen to, as well as finding an instrument that’s forgiving, should you make a mistake.

For more information about any of the instruments mentioned within this blog or to browse our range of student instruments, please visit our online store.

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