BBb Junior Tuba ‘Imp’ (student) – TB330


  • BBb Junior Tuba ‘Imp’ (student) – TB330
  • BBb Junior Tuba ‘Imp’ (student) – TB330
  • BBb Junior Tuba ‘Imp’ (student) – TB330
  • BBb Junior Tuba ‘Imp’ (student) – TB330

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Wessex Tubas’ BBb Junior Tuba ‘Imp’ (student) TB330 is the ideal student tuba for sale for both beginners and children taking music lessons. 

A particularly light BBb tuba for standing and marching gigs, this 3-valve ¾ size BBb student tuba is an affordable, exceptional quality tuba for sale; fitted with march hooks and comes with a hard latched ABS case with wheels, and small rim beginner’s tuba mouthpiece to make it exceptionally easy for children to play. 


  • Height: 32.5" (825mm)
  • Bell: 14" (368mm)
  • Bore: 0.661" (16.8mm)
  • Weight: 14lb (6.4kg)

Special Features

  1. Fitted with British marching hooks
  2. Gold brass leadpipe
  3. Stainless steel valves with nylon valve guide for silent operation
  4. All nickel slides
  5. Nickel strengthening plates
  6. Hardened bell
  7. Hard latched ABS case with wheels
  8. Small rim JT mouthpiece to make it easier for children to play

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