Premier Tuba Playing Stand – SDT-30


  • Premier Tuba Playing Stand – SDT-30
  • Premier Tuba Playing Stand – SDT-30

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Both sturdy and reliable, our premier Tuba playing stand is an original Wessex design.

Unlike most Tuba playing stands that rely on tripod legs, our single-legged playing stand has been designed specifically to overcome the most common challenges associated with traditional stands including discomfort whilst playing and frequently falling over.

What’s more, this innovative Tuba playing stand is height adjustable with a secure locking function, ensuring your Tuba will never slip whilst playing.


  • Weight: 2.5kg (5 ½ lb)
  • Base diameter: 23cm (9")
  • Top diameter:  17cm (6 ¾")
  • Padded insert in top: 12.5mm (½")
  • Height range: 38-56cm (15-22")

Special Features

  1. No tripod legs to kick
  2. Safely lockable at desired height, so never slips while playing
  3. Allows the tuba to be turned while playing
  4. Circular Concave top to place tuba secure
  5. So strong it can even be used as inpromptu seat for player!
  6. Bottom and top quickly detach for flat storage in case or gig bag pocket
  7. Use of stand provides maximum tuba sound projection
Designer of the stand, Chuck Nickles (ex-US Army Band, Europe) says;
"This uses a number of different concepts. First the middle is threaded. This means that you can easily adjust it to any height. Plus it is impossible for it to slide down lower while you are playing, a normal problem on other stands. Second the top has a recess on the top to allow the bottom bow to sit into it. The round design means there is no saddle that you must put the tuba in. Third is the flat bottom. No more legs to get loose or trip on. This stand is so strong you can sit on it with your tuba. Try that with any other tuba stand and see what happens! "

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