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French C Tuba - TC236 P

The tuba to play Bydlo with the tone Ravel expected

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For over 100 years, from the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries, French orchestral Tuba players exclusively played the small french C tuba, favouring their size and pitch against larger Tubas from other countries.

Pitched at the C above a Euphonium, our French C Tuba TC236 P effortlessly plays all Tuba music, down to the lowest register.

Unlike French tubas of old where the 3rd valve added a 2+3 combination (major 3rd, or 4 semitones), the 3rd valve of the Wessex French tuba adds a more conventional 1+2 combination (minor 3rd, or 3 semitones). This avoids the complication of having to learn a new fingering system.

Possessing a distinctive Gallic tone, this exceptional tuba in C can often be heard as part of such timeless pieces as: Ravel’s Pictures at an Exhibition, Franck Symphony in D, Saint-Sains Organ Symphony, and Bizet’s Carmen; a ‘must- have’ for orchestral musicians who want to perform these works authentically.

Note: Although called a tuba, this instrument is euphonium size and is played with a euphonium size mouthpiece. A tuba mouthpiece will cause it to play flat and without its distinctive tone.

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    Wessex has done a fantastic job producing this euphonium/tuba hybrid


    • Key: C (tone above euphonium)
    • Bell: 10” (260mm)
    • Valves: 6 piston valves (regular lengths 1-4), flat tone 5th (adjustable to flat ½ tone), 6th valve puts down into F
    • Bore: 0.57” to 0.59” (14.5mm to 15mm)
    • Weight: 9½lb (4.35kg)
    • Height: 22” (56cm)


    • Fully Handmade with hand-hammered bell
    • Exact reproduction of original French C tuba of the 1930’s (except 3rd slide to modern length for regular fingering)
    • Stainless steel valves for reliable operation
    • Nickel slides
    • Supplied with appropriate FR1 mouthpiece (with euphonium size receiver).
    • Small enough to use as travel tuba and take on air flight as hand luggage

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