Portuguese brass musician Hugo Alexandre Medeiros Araújo discovered his love of music as a young child, studying music with his father.

Some years later, Araújo joined the Marcial Philharmonic Trophy Povoação before entering the Povoação Academy of Music in 2001, in the class of Professor Christoper Alecksander, where he achieved a highest possible classification.

In 2008, Araújo joined the Military Band of the Azores, and was part of the Regional Conservatory of Ponta Delgada in the class of Professor Duarte Alves for the following 3 years. Later, in 2011, Araújo went on to join the Metropolitan Professional School in the class of professor Filipe Coelho.

Araújo became part of the Lisbon Symphony Orchestra in September 2014, working as an academic, where he completed his degree in orchestra instrumentalist.

During his career, Araújo has attended many master classes in a Trumpet, from some of the most renowned musicians in Europe, including:

  • Allen Vizutti
  • James Thompson
  • Reinhold Friedrich
  • Martin Angerer
  • Kristian Steenstrup
  • Marco Pierobon
  • Chris Kase
  • Jens Lindemann
  • Bruno Nouvion

In 2016, Araújo was the winner of the Solista; a contest at the Fatima Classical Orchestra where he had the privilege of holding a concert at the reception of Pope Francisco on the festivities of 13th May, and, in 2017, he went on to win the Soloist, a competition at the Orchestra BOMTEMPO Symphony.

Araújo has had the pleasure of performing several programs with many great orchestras, such as:

  • Orchestra Rota das Artes
  • Orquestra do Colégio moderno
  • Orquestra Metropolitana de Lisboa
  • Metropolitan Academic Orchestra, Portuguese Academic Orchestra
  • VU Amsterdam Symphony Orchestra
  • Orchestra of the University of Lisbon

Araújo was part of the Regional Orchestra Lira Açoriana as trumpeter and trainer. Taking his place in the jazz section, he was also part of the Hot Club of Portugal.

Currently, Araújo is part of the Light Orchestra of the Povoação Municipal Camera and the CCL Big Band of Portugal, and has collaborated with many artists & bands, such as The Gift, Hélder Moutinho, Filipe Melo and Marta Hugon, Nuno Feist and FF, António Chainho, Mafalda Veiga, and Aníbal Raposo where he has participated in concerts, and recorded CDs & videos.

In 2019, Araújo will perform his first international recital at the invitation of the Superior Conservatoire DMBUC ILLIJA NIKOLOVSKI LUJ (Skopje Macedonia).


The first sensation I had when playing the first note was a sense of freedom. The tuning was a very positive surprise and the instrument is quite compact. A feature that I also really liked was the proximity of the intervals where I felt very comfortable throughout the harmonic register. Congratulations, I recommend!