British-born Tuba player Colin Aspinall started his career on a Eb Bass at a tender age of 10 years old; playing with a Shaw Salvation Army Band, before moving onto the Wingates Temperance Band in 1968.

Aspinall’s exceptional talent was quickly realised, earning him a place with a Black Dyke Mills Band in early 1970, where he stayed until a formation of the James Shepherd Versatile Brass (J.S.V.B.).

A founder member of the J.S.V.B., Aspinall enjoyed many tours, recordings, and live concerts throughout Great Britain, Europe, and Australia.

During his time with J.S.V.B. Aspinall's already formidable reputation soared due entirely to his professional application and attention to detail.

Throughout his long-established career, Aspinall has performed many solo engagements, helping to promote the Tuba as a stunning solo instrument. It is no surprise, therefore, that he was in demand as a professional 'Session Musician', and in any generation, Aspinall would be up there amongst 'the best'.

Alongside this, Aspinall was an ever present member of the Virtuosi Band of Great Britain from 1973-1979, and was featured as a guest soloist on their final recording.

When the all star veterans band, Kings of Brass, was formed Colin was the automatic choice for EEb bass. This superior ensemble performed concerts of the highest quality from 1994 to 2001.

With the reformation of J.S.V.B. in 2008, Colin was asked to retake the Tuba seat and spent a further six years with them; culminating in their final ever concert in December 2015, giving Colin a total of 29 years service with this famous ensemble.


I am currently playing on the Wessex EEb Bass TE560-SG. I must say I am finding it a treat to play and surprisingly great value for money, I would strongly recommend you give it a go, it may just surprise you! It did me.