Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps is the only active Drum and Bugle Corps in New Mexico, United States, and is the flagship program of Arsenal Performing Arts.

Based in Albuquerque, Arsenal Performing Arts was formed in the spring of 2016 with the mission to provide performing arts programs for the greater New Mexico community in order to improve the artistic environment of the area as well as to provide training in music, dance, and performance.

Emphasizing the development of leadership and social skills through the challenge, experience, and self-discipline presented by performance and competition, Arsenal members continually pursue greater heights of success.

Arsenal is pleased to be the only Drum and Bugle Corps currently utilizing Wessex instruments, and primarily uses R12 Trumpets, MM20 MELLOPHONES, BR112 MARCHING BARITONES, and TB421 CONTRAS (marching tubas) for their brass ensemble.


Before the Wessex instruments arrived, we had been using borrowed and personal instruments, and when the new horns came the difference was astounding; not only did the horn line immediately look better, but the sheer difference in sound quality was staggering.

We are incredibly excited to be working with Wessex to continue to provide quality instruments to our students.

Wessex instruments are perfect for up-and-coming Drum and Bugle Corps. For their price, Wessex is unmatched in their quality, and their Marching Instruments, especially their contras, are well-balanced and lightweight, perfect for student use.

We were so pleased with the instrument that when the opportunity presented itself, we opted to order our entire hornline from Wessex.