Playing a brass instrument is incredibly rewarding, and brings with it a wealth of benefits. However, it isn’t always easy and can sometimes throw up issues that seem inexplicable.

A prime example of this would be the frequently asked question: why is my Horn playing flat?

A particularly complicated question, it may surprise you to learn that flat Horns are rarely anything to do with the instrument itself but rather hinged on a myriad of other related factors, including:

  • The type of mouthpiece used: mouthpieces can subtly change the pitch of an instrument, depending on their depth; a deeper mouthpiece giving a flatter tone and a shallower mouthpiece giving a much sharper tone.
  • The individual playing the instrument: the way in which you breathe through your instrument and the use of your embouchure, as well as the nature of your vocal cords and oral cavity could impact the intonation of the instrument.

Although issues with the intonation of your brass instrument can be frustrating, they are salvageable; usually resulting in a small and straightforward fix or minimal alteration in the way in which you play (through professional lessons) or slight modification of the equipment you use.

The advantages of owning a Wessex Tubas Horn

Here at Wessex Tubas, I ensure every single instrument we design and create is play-tested by seasoned professionals before it arrives at your home; significantly reducing the margin of error for factory defects, and guaranteeing the exceptional sound quality of each instrument.

I’m really proud of everything we do here at Wessex Tubas, and I believe in the unsurmountable quality of everything we produce; meaning you can rest assured your Horn will create a beautiful, sharp sound, every time…

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