Choosing a Tuba that’s right for you can be a challenging task, full of many questions and qualifying factors, including; age, capability, nature of use, and even how much you travel with your instruments.

Whether purchasing your first Tuba or upgrading your existing one, getting the right answers to your questions can mean the difference between owning a great instrument and one perfectly suited to your needs for years to come.

One question that I often get asked is: what key of Tuba should I buy? So, to help you find the perfect Tuba, here is my answer…

Cultural traditions and the key of Tubas

The key of Tubas is intrinsically linked to the traditions of countries and cultures; and each country prefers a different key of Tuba. For example:

In England, players are more likely to use Eb Tubas

In the USA, players are more likely to start with Bb Tubas

In Spain CC tuba is the most used

This is due to the nature in which the instruments are expected to be played; English musicians lean more towards playing in bands and orchestras, and therefore the Eb - which allows for a wider variety - is favoured. Whereas, in the US, Sousaphones are incredibly popular, with brass instruments often used in marching bands.

Finally thoughts on which key of Tuba should I buy?

Essentially, the answer to the popular question: which key of Tuba should I buy?, is this: it really depends on a variety of factors - mainly personal preference, the way in which you play, and the country you are playing in.

If you are just starting out and plan to often play in big marching bands in America, for instance, the BBb Junior Tuba ‘Imp’ would be preferable over its english counterpart, the Eb Junior Tuba ‘Elf’.

One thing we can guarantee, regardless of what key you choose, is the outstanding quality of our products.

To talk to us about your requirements, please give us a call or browse our wide range of products.

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