One of the best known instruments of our time, and certainly a favourite with schools and brass bands, the popular Cornet comes in 2 types which - particularly for those who are just beginning, often poses the question: what Cornet should I buy?

The 2 types of Cornet

The Bb Cornet: consider the ‘standard’ Cornet, the Bb version is best suited, and most well-known, for brass beginners. This Cornet is also most appropriate for concert bands, fanfares, and jazz ensembles.

The Eb Soprano Cornet: a much more specialist instrument, the smaller Eb Soprano Cornet is rare, and mostly heard in brass bands; considered a slightly more complex version of the ‘standard’ Cornet.

The Cornet’s relationship to the Trumpet

Often confused with the Trumpet, the Cornet’s differences are very minor; both instruments play the same notes, and use the same fingering.

However, they are different! And here’s how:

  • The Trumpet is physically larger than the Cornet
  • The Trumpet is more slender than the Cornet
  • The tubing is different in each which affects the way the instruments flare
  • The cornet uses a different mouthpiece

The ‘forgotten’ Cornet

Although there are considered to be only 2 types of Cornet in the modern brass family, a ‘forgotten’ or hidden 3rd type still exists today in the form of an Echo Cornet - sometimes also referred to as the Echo Bell Cornet.

Made from the late 19th Century until the immediate post-World War 1 era, the Echo Cornet was unique in its physique; including a fourth piston valve, and a second bell, which tapered in the opposite direction to the main bell.

Although many popular and well-known brass instrument makers of the time did make the Echo Cornet, very few were ever made.

What Cornet should I buy?

A difficult question to answer, when considering what Cornet should I buy? it really comes down to what you want to use your Cornet for; what you want to play, and the level of difficulty you’re ready for.

For those who are just beginning, a Bb Cornet is an ideal starter instrument and the one most used, and for those that aspire to be Soloist, the Eb Soprano Cornet may also be considered.

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