Like many businesses across the world, Wessex Tubas has been much affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with initially 2 months disruption to production and, more recently, worldwide travel restrictions preventing us from doing our 6-weekly development and quality assurance visits to the factory.

As a result of the production delay, our latest shipment of products which has just left the factory in China, is for the first time travelling across the world to us here in the UK, overland by train and truck, which will save more than a month in transit time to help our customers get their orders as quickly as we possibly can!

It is an over 5,000 mile trip from the factory in China to the UK, and our shipment will travel across China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany, Belgium, and France to arrive at our UK warehouse mid-July.

Wessex Tubas' first ever shipment by train

We are excited to be able to offer this faster service and, if fully successful, we may continue to get shipments overland as part of Wessex Tubas’ continued efforts to ever improve both our products and service to our customers.

Included in this latest 40 foot container will be a variety of instruments, including pre and special orders already reserved. Notably, the shipment will contain the first appreciable batches of our new HC44HP CC Helicon, TF555HP and TF556HP California F tubas - and the largest batch to date of our ever popular FH601P Double French Horn.

What’s more, as the UK/US Wessex team hasn’t been able to visit the factory personally over the last few months to run our usual quality checks, our President Jonathan Hodgetts has been working closely by video link with the factory to walk the dedicated team at factory through the Quality Assurance process; ensuring all products manufactured meet the outstanding quality we expect under the Wessex Tubas brand.

To back this up, a further detailed inspection and play tests will take place at the warehouse before anything is shipped to customers to be certain there is no lowering in quality standards in these exceptional circumstances.

Especially during this difficult time, we’re delighted to be able to find ways to continue supplying you with high quality brass instruments at truly affordable prices. You can be assured we will continue to provide normal service and hope we will be able to get out to exhibit again in Europe and the USA in 2021.

To browse our extensive range of brass horns, please visit our online store.

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