Designed by Wessex Tubas’ President Jonathan Hodgetts and launched in 2015, the CC 5/4 Piston Tuba ‘Wyvern’ is one of our most popular brass instruments to-date.

Inspired by 3 traditional models of tuba, the ‘Wyvern’ brings together the very best features of all 3; combining the best taper, valve layout and the very best bell for sound quality, comfort and intonation.

A consistently sought-after tuba in our extensive range, we’ve been working hard on updating this beautiful instrument to further improve the sound, quality and overall experience for you, our devoted customers.

So, how is the new ‘Wyvern’ different?

Recent modifications & updates to the ‘Wyvern’

Alongside redesigning the 5th valve set up, we took advice from one of the most renowned tuba players in the world, Chris Olka to move the water key for easier access and overall comfort, and changed slide lengths to provide more valve combinations such as C#, which can now be played with 5, 2 and 3.

In conjunction with these changes, we’ve also included larger and smoother finger buttons for more comfortable playing and vented valves for improved slurring.

What’s more, there’s now a well-lapped first valve slide for adjustment while playing and the bell rim has been soldered for increased durability.

As well as technical updates and changes, we’ve also made some breathtaking cosmetic changes to the ‘Wyvern’, including a stunning new cast brace for the mouthpiece (one of Jonathan’s favourite modifications!).

The new, updated ‘Wyvern’ is now individually handmade by craftsmen (and craftswomen) and features our beautiful engraving which has become a cornerstone feature of our HP (handcrafted professional) and P (professional) brass instrument; a feature you can also see on other handmade Wessex instruments such as the ‘Sinfonico’ EP600HP.

The new ‘Wyvern’ also comes in 2 finishes:

  • Silver-plated
  • Lacquered with gold brass bell

Updating and modifying the ‘Wyvern’ really has been an exciting and fulfilling project for Jonathan and his team, and we hope that you enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed creating it!

The new and improved ‘Wyvern’ will be available as part of our next delivery, which will be arriving at our UK warehouse mid-September.

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