At Wessex Tubas we are forever trying to improve our products, and one area I have been wanting to make better is the cases in which the tubas are supplied.

When we first started the cases were enormous, with wheels that stuck out and got broken, with zips that could fail and plastic straps that too often broke.

Over the last three years we have addressed and corrected all these shortcomings! The latest Wessex tuba cases are more compact (particularly for the EEb tuba), the wheels are really robust (we call them the off-road wheels), the plastic straps have been replaces with strong material straps, we have made the cases more attractive with embroidered Wessex Wyvern logo, the interiors now have plush red lining and the zips are now top-quality YKK for long life.

Furthermore we have introduced moulded bell plugs in all the cases to ensure the tuba (or euphonium) is not damaged in shipping - or if customer later takes on air flight.

I think we now have a quality case that customers can be satisfied will last! :-)

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