A brief insight into how brass instruments are made at the Wessex factory

The manufacturing of brass instruments is a fascinating and exciting process, and something we still enjoy experiencing here at Wessex Tubas; seeing our designs come to life, play testing our instruments and examining every one to ensure the quality is exactly what we expect before shipping each to you - our customers. 

So, how are brass instruments made at the Wessex factory?

How are brass instruments made? 

Exclusive and improved designs: many of our instruments are specifically designed by our team and/or in collaboration with professionals. 

The CC 5/4 Piston Tuba 'Wyvern' TC590P, for example, which is our most popular instrument, was actually designed by our President, Jonathan Hodgetts. 

What’s more, those of our brass instruments that are not Wessex exclusive designs have been improved and updated by our team to ensure they are the greatest version of the brass instrument(s) you choose. 

Dedicated build: you may not know this, but the factory we use to manufacture our brass instruments includes a section dedicated specifically to manufacturing Wessex instruments; placing the greatest instrument makers in the factory on our line. 

What’s more, many of our instruments are handcrafted by the most talented craftsman available.

Play testing & quality assurance: play testing & quality assurance is one of the most crucial steps in the Wessex manufacturing process; carefully and precisely inspecting every instrument built by our manufacturing team, as well as play testing our instruments. 

It’s this meticulous quality assurance that enables us to provide you, our customers, with the high quality you expect to receive from our brand. 

In 2018, we took our team - together with a creative team of videographers - to the factory, where we were able to shoot a video showcasing the manufacturing process. A video we hope you find informative and insightful. 

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