At Wessex Tubas, we specialise in brass instruments for all styles, bands and orchestras; including brass instruments for students and young beginners, as well as unique and exclusive designs and historical redesigns such as the British F Tuba.

We believe in creating high quality brass instruments at truly affordable prices; instruments designed by musicians, for musicians.

Here, we present some of our most popular brass instruments examples; reviews, demonstrations and performances made so you can experience the quality, sound, and capabilities of a selection of brass instruments within our extensive range.

Brass instruments examples

Bb Flugabone (Marching Trombone) FB124

The perfect instrument for euphonium/baritone players to cover trombone parts, or play jazz, our Bb Flugabone (Marching Trombone) FB124 is also very useful for marching bands.

Click here to view a performance by John Powell of Berceuse De Jocelyn by Benjamin Godard using the Bb Flugabone (Marching Trombone).

BBb 6/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Kaiser’ With 5 Valves TB790HP

Perfect for German, Czech or Russian repertoire in symphony orchestra, or for playing in large wind orchestra, this sought after large tuba is already making waves with musicians across the world.

Click here to see Wessex Tubas' President, Jonathan Hodgetts, present the BBb 6/4 Rotary Tuba ‘Kaiser’ With 5 Valves TB790HP; with playing demonstration from Will Druiett.

Marching Baritone BR112

The Marching Baritone BR112 is used in parade bands where its forward facing bell projects well. This stunning brass instrument is well balanced, has a distinct baritone voice and good intonation.

Click here to hear John Powell demonstrate our Marching Baritone BR112.

BBb 6/4 Compensated Tuba ‘Leviathan’ TB681HP

The first large 6/4 compensated BBb tuba ever made to put a foundation under any band like no BBb Bass ever has before, the BBb 6/4 Compensated Tuba ‘Leviathan’ TB681HP’s large bows produce a richer and fuller tone than a regular bass and without the amount of effort from the player normally required on the bottom part - while still having the agility required for fast passages and using the usual fingering of a compensated bass tuba.

Click here to watch Wessex Tubas' President, Jonathan Hodgetts, demonstrate the BBb 6/4 Compensated Tuba ‘Leviathan’ TB681HP.

Bb Trumpet (Student) R30

The R30 is a popular student Bb Trumpet that not only looks stunning but plays exceptionally well for a beginner trumpet; the intonation and sound quality considered high enough to satisfy even the most discerning of brass musicians.

Click here to watch Luis Martelo’s review of the Bb Trumpet (Student) R30.

‘Festivo’ Front-Valve Compensated Euphonium EP104P

The 'Festivo' EP104 P is an original Wessex design; compensated euphonium fitted with front action valves for greater comfort in playing through the ergonomic positioning. It combines the best of the traditional British euphonium and classic American baritone.

Click here to watch an exclusive review and demonstration of the ‘Festivo’ Front-Valve Compensated Euphonium EP104P by John Powell.

Handcrafted Eb/D Trumpet R320

Hand-hammered from sheet brass for best response and featuring two gold brass bells for each key, the Handcrafted Eb/D Trumpet R320 has a 0.45" (11.40mm) bore and 4.72" (120mm) bell.

Click here to see Luis Martelo’s recent review.

It’s important, when searching for a new brass instrument, to hear first hand the sound quality and intonation of your chosen instrument; giving you a better understanding and indication of whether the instrument in question will suit your needs.

The brass instruments examples videos detailed above have been created to provide you with as much insight as possible to help you make your decision.

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