As a brass musician, one of the most satisfying things you can do is find yourself the ideal instrument for your needs - an instrument that plays well, looks good, and feels right - but, to ensure you can get the very best out of your instrument(s); keep them safe and secure, and ensure you can always produce the best sound, getting the right accessories is just as important. So, with this in mind, here we’ll answer the question: what are the best accessories for Trumpet players?

Quality vs. cost

In most walks of modern consumer life, we’re taught that ‘you get what you pay for’ and, often, those Trumpet accessories considered the most expensive are also considered those of the highest quality.

However, with the Wessex range of truly affordable yet carefully crafted brass instrument accessories, we’re working tirelessly to turn this expectation on its head; marrying quality with affordability.

Use and need

Secondly, when considering the best accessories for Trumpet players, we must take into account how you use your Trumpet, and the kind of accessories you need.

If, for example, you would like to increase the volume of your playing and the control you have over the instrument, a large cup mouthpiece will help you achieve this. However, if you are more concerned with brightening the tone of your Trumpet playing, a shallow mouthpiece will serve you better.

Alongside this, if you spend a lot of your time travelling to and from performances - perhaps across the country or even throughout the world - you’ll want to invest in a particularly lightweight travel gig bag with lots of pockets to help you carry your Trumpet from performance to performance with ease.

Instrument care

Although they’re not strictly classed as Trumpet accessories, things like lubricant for values and instrument cleaning brushes are really important for the overall care and maintenance of your instrument. Often, careful maintenance can extend the life of an instrument.

What are the best accessories for Trumpet players?

In short, the best accessories for Trumpet players are those that help you achieve your music goals; helping you to achieve the quality of sound you need, carry your instrument safely throughout the world if needed, and care for your instrument in the most appropriate way.

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