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  • Tuba Gig Bags
  • Tuba Gig Bags
  • Tuba Gig Bags
  • Tuba Gig Bags
  • Tuba Gig Bags
  • Tuba Gig Bags

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Lightweight, with no frame, and plenty of padding, the Wessex Tuba Gig Bags are the perfect accessory for the travelling Tuba player; possessing robust straps that fold easily away, and a side opening for easy access, this accessory is ideal for use on public transport and when touring.


  • Weight: 6.6 lb (3kg)
  • In multiple sizes to fit any tuba

Special features

  1. Semi-rigid with 15mm padding all around
  2. Whole side opens to easily insert/remove tuba
  3. Strong backpack straps that can be concealed when not in use
  4. Two large side pockets for music folder and accessories
  5. Canvas carry handle with strong fixings
  6. Will stand steady and safe stood both horizontal and vertical

What size for your tuba?

For bags for Wessex tubas, check the product page. For other brands, these are the sizes we know (we will add to this list);
  • Besson 981 or 982 EEb tuba - Wessex bag B700
  • Besson 994 BBb tuba - Wessex bag B410
  • Besson 992 BBb tuba or old B&H Imperial BBb - Wessex bag B200
  • B&S PT-6 - Wessex bag B410
Note: To insert tuba, place tuba on end and fit in bell first, then pull over bottom bow.

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