Often at Wessex Tubas, we’re invited to work with a marching band or brass band; our range of instruments able to equip almost an entire band.

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with a division of New Mexico based, Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps.

Founded in 2016 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA - Arsenal DB Corps is the state's first foray into the activity and, with plans to field a corps for the 2017 competition season, were searching for a selection of high quality yet affordable brass instruments.

We’re delighted to share with you that, after extensive communications with the Corps, all of their students are now the proud players of Wessex brass, just in time for their first competition!

Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps

Executive Director of the Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps, J. Spenser Lotz, said of the instruments:

We now have all of the students on Wessex instruments.

“The difference in sound quality is astounding - the horn line already sounds louder and more in tune than before, and the tubas especially sound fantastic when compared to the sousaphones they had been using previously.

“We're still discovering exactly how the horns react to the different conditions (temperature, etc.) here in New Mexico, but they seem to be doing very well despite changes due to weather and time of day.

“Last weekend, Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps attended the Drum Corps International Southwestern Championship in San Antonio, Texas. We competed in DCI’s SoundSport division, and were the first competitive corps to take the field for the day. Two hours later we returned to the field for the SoundSport award ceremony and were granted the rating of Gold as well as Best of Show, the highest honor awarded to a competing SoundSport team.”

“We greatly attribute this success to the fact that our entire hornline was outfitted with Wessex brass instruments...”

Arsenal Drum and Bugle Corps

If you are involved in a marching band or brass band and would like more information about our instruments, please visit or online shop or contact us today.

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